About Dream Log Book

Dream Log Book is a free website where members can record their dream experiences and analyze the data over time. Personal dream data is confidential to each member and only shared to other members as group data. Each member has a high degree of anonymity as the only personal data collected when you sign up for an account is your email address and your general location in the world.

This is not a website that is designed to interpret the content of your dreams. It is a deeper look into conscious exploration. Examining each experience, but also the grouping of experiences and what such information reveals. In the end you perform your own interpretation. You may find the level of dream depths you achieve, what you are capable of in your dreams and changes over time. You may also find the frequency in which your dreams interact with your waking state life.

Below is the first part of the dream log form. The form is quite lengthy, but the first three items are what you need to get started. You give the dream a title, set the date it occurred and type a few details. If dreams seem to melt away within a few minutes of waking, this is all you need to recall enough of the dream experience to complete the form later in the day.

Dream log form:

Your dream log book list is shown below. This is the list of your individual recorded dreams. A few pieces of recorded data are shown for a quick visual assessment of emotional states and thoughts.

Dream log list:

Your dream log emotion tracker lets you analyze the levels of positive and negative emotions experienced in and around your dreams. These range from values of -5 to +5, with shades of red representing negative emotions and shades of green for positive emotions. There is also a top 10 emotion list.

Dream log emotion tracker: