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Wim Hof Breathing - Natural DMT Release
by jd - 2019-01-19 08:36

Basically one of the breathing techniques is this:

First, take 50 deep breaths, exhale and hold for 1 minute.
Then take 50 deep breaths, exhale and hold for 2 minutes.
Then take 50 deep breaths, exhale and hold for 3 minutes.

It took me a few attempts to reach the 2 and 3 minute holds listening to this video as a guide.

I converted the above video to an audio file and edited them to create more holds:
3 holds - audio file
4 holds - audio file
5 holds - audio file

I have the best luck with 4 holds. Sometimes the 3rd hold does not bring the greatest results, where the 4th hold can. I have had mixed results with a 5th hold. This is what typically happens for me. On the first 1 minute hold I start to see a light in front of me with geometric patterns moving all around it. The patterns tend to be purple to red in color. On the second 2 minute hold, around the 1:30 mark it is like someone is slowly turning up the lights around me. The patterns are becoming more white light and brighter. On the third hold around the 2:00 mark I start to see blobs of light, shifting shape and moving around my field of view. One the fourth hold around the 2:00 mark I start seeing the same lights as before but more definition and light. There have been times when the light blobs came in close and it seemed like the surface of the sun or liquid. Movement on the surface and in close taking up most of my view. Other times I started losing my hearing and feeling like I was shifting into this environment, whatever it was.

I would suggest the following for the best results:
1. The space: A silent and dark space. You want as much sensory deprivation as possible as not to interfere or be mistaken for the effects of this breathing technique. If you still have noise, turn on fan to provide white noise to mask it.
2. Body position: Some may like to lay flat, but I prefer having by back and head leaning back at a 45 degree angle. Some pillows up against the bed headboard or on the couch arm rest will do just fine.
3. Breathing: Break up the 50 breaths. First 10 deep and slow, next 10 medium pace, and continue fast with the last 10 being very intense and fast. On the last 3 you can slow your pace with very deep breaths then stop. I have found by speeding up the breaths especially towards the end, I can hold my breath much longer. If you can no longer hold your breath, take in a short breath and hold. If I have to "cheat", I take in a 50% breath and keep holding. If need I take a final "cheat breath" and keep holding I do. What this does is keeps the effects of the experience going. If you start the breathing again, it will subside. Once you can no longer hold, take in a huge deep breath and hold. This will also keep the experience going. Once you can no longer hold this breath, start the breathing for the next hold session. Start off slow after a hold period, breathing too fast at this point will also minimize the experience.
4. Once you have completed the holds and are no longer going to prepare for another hold session. Start slow relaxed breathing and enjoy coming down from the experience. Although not as intense as the holding periods, it can sometimes last for 20 or 30 minutes. This would be an excellent opportunity for mediation as you are already in a deep state of relaxation.

A final tip would be to only do one session in a 24 hour time period. Sometimes I wait 48 or 72 hours before another. You will get results each time, but doing too many in a short period of time will result in diminished returns.

At some point you will graduate from using the audio file as a guide. There are time when I can hold longer and I get irritated because I don't want to light up my phone or tablet to hit the pause button.


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