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The Anti-Ego Movement
by jd - 2019-02-08 23:36

I've lost count of the number of videos I've watched online where I listen to some miserable soul go on and on how horrible life is and the root cause is their ego or sense of self. There seems to be an overriding theme of required healing due to the exposure to duality. The only relief they seem to find is dissolving into deep meditation or some flavor of a psychedelic trip. The latter being more popular because it is the quick fix. It's not a shock that entrepreneurs have been seizing the opportunity to setup non-duality based DMT treatment gigs for financial gain with so many out there striving to dissolve themselves. If you have reached a conscious state where you seem to be free of your ego or lost your sense of self, you are not no longer yourself. That is just what it took to get you untangled from the mess you allowed yourself to become.

You need your ego and sense of self. An existence without this would not be much of one. The problem has never been the ego. The problem is that you handed to much of your power over to it. If the one source of everything fractures itself to become each one of us and we then deny our own self identity, we are essentially saying source is wrong. No mistake has been made. You don't need healing. Your essence is perfection and always will be. A perfect being under the temporary illusion of imperfection needs healing from what exactly?

As far as using methods as a means of escape, you need to understand where you are now is exactly where you need to be. If you were not meant to be here in this very moment you would not be. It's just that simple. The essence of you is holding itself in this reality for a reason. Your tangled up ego does not know better. All you've ever wanted was an opportunity. Now that you are here, all you can do is complain while everything around you reaches out for life.

You are always the essence of you. You can know this in deep meditation, on some powerful psychedelic or preferably in every moment. The idea should not be to get rid of the "you" to be free of discomfort. Change your perspective of what your ego is to you. It is your tool. It is how you navigate certain reality.


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