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Non-duality and the In-Between
by jd - 2019-02-19 09:28

Non-duality is not the whole story. It is a great place to start when flushing all your beliefs away and starting over with your direct experience. You learn the fundamentals and contrast of where you are now and what you are originally a part of. The issue I have with the non-dual philosophy is that is where it ends. It does not address the in-between. What I mean is you are either an expression of consciousness or you dissolve back into consciousness. There are no layers such as non-physical or other physical states in-between infinite consciousness and where you find yourself now. You may have fallen asleep to yourself many times in order to be where you are now. There may be other worlds or states of being that you can explore without having to directly dissolve back into infinite consciousness. Some may say this is the ego trying to perpetuate itself. They also may say dreams are just the ego trying to do the same thing. The only problem is there is more to me than my ego. My ego is almost never present in my dreams, but yet I enter a new into a new experience that is not connected to our shared experience. There is just so much more happening than to suggest your either this or that.


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